Mattie visits Texas

Mattie was an invited speaker at the Gordon Research Conference Tropical Infectious Diseases: Transdisciplinary Approaches to Advance Tropical Infectious Diseases Health Technologies. I talked about our work done in collaboration with Dr. Susan Wyllie and her lab on “Creating a Comprehensive Mode-Of-Action Toolkit to Enable Cryptosporidium Drug Discovery”. I presented work from Jack Hanna’s time as aContinue reading “Mattie visits Texas”

Co-Founding SPPIRIT a network for Scottish Parasitology Researchers

In late 2022, Juan Quintana approached a few PIs about how we could better collaborate across institutes. At the same time, Lilach Sheiner saw some funding opportunities for building collaborative academic research networks… and so we started to discuss how we could better support collaborations between the parasitology groups in Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Dundee. ThusContinue reading “Co-Founding SPPIRIT a network for Scottish Parasitology Researchers”

2023 Spring Activities

Grant has almost finished our first in-house library screen against our transgenic Cryptosporidium (I think just 8 compound plates left!). Over his first semester in the lab he learned how to use the DDU database (dotmatics), high-throughput instrumentation, helped with a new TPP experiment, and performed several follow-up drug assays for our drug discovery collaborators.Continue reading “2023 Spring Activities”

Congrats to Dr. Jack Hanna- 3rd Pawlowic lab PhD!

On January 31st, Jack Hanna had his PhD viva. Thanks to Prof Chris Huston for serving as external examiner, Prof Marcus Lee (the newest member of our division) for serving as internal examiner, and Prof David Horn for acting as convenor. The day before Prof. Chris Huston gave a great seminar about his work toContinue reading “Congrats to Dr. Jack Hanna- 3rd Pawlowic lab PhD!”

Congrats to Dr. Bacchetti- Pawlowic Lab 1st PhD!

Thanks to Dr. Susan Wyllie for serving as internal examiner and to Prof Rachel Chalmers for serving as external examiner! Thanks also to Rachel for giving a fascinating seminar the day before Ross’ viva about Cryptosporidium in the UK. It was so insightful to hear how COVID has impacted Cryptosporidium cases, and how Rachel’s groupContinue reading “Congrats to Dr. Bacchetti- Pawlowic Lab 1st PhD!”