Mode of Action Work Funded

We are thrilled to finally be able to announce that the Mode of Action group, led by Dr. Susan Wyllie, has received funding from the Wellcome Trust to continue their work for another 3 years! This £4.9 million grant will start in January and allow us to hire a jointly appointed postdoc dedicated to developing new technologies and methodologies to figure out how medicines for Crypto work.

This will only accelerate on-going research in progress by Mr. Jack Hanna, an MRC PhD student, co-supervised by Mattie and Susan.

A huge congrats to Susan, and those who have closely supported the MoA team since it was established- especially our division head, Ian Gilbert. Most of the grant is dedicated to supporting continued MoA work on Kinetoplastid parasites, but we’re really excited that it will expand to include Cryptosporidium and also Schistosomes! Thanks to the Wellcome Trust for supporting exploration into less studied parasitic diseases. Stay tuned for updates once our research begins in 2021!

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