A great start to 2021!

With a more virulent strain of covid arising in the UK at the end of 2020, and due to increasing case numbers after the holidays, we had to once again limit the amount of work we do in the lab.

However that hasn’t gotten us down! Instead we are working together and doing experiment “relay races” in the lab. Contactless hand-off of course 😉

We also greatly enjoyed the virtual Path Cryptosporidium symposia. Beatriz from the Drug Discovery Unit presented work on the lead optimization programme for lysyl-tRNA synthetase. We’re excited that our most recent efficacy study was included in her great presentation. Well done Beatrice and Lee on producing great data!

Also to Mattie’s great surprise, the lab nominated her as the 2020 PiCls Mentor of the Year! Thanks to the group for making science so fun.

Brian Suarez-Mantilla, invited Mattie for a virtual seminar to share our research updates. Dr. Suarez-Mantilla recently started at Durham University as an Associate Professor and NTD Network Fellow.

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