Congrats to Dr. Bacchetti- Pawlowic Lab 1st PhD!

Dr Susan Wyllie (Internal Examiner), Dr Ross Bacchetti, Prof Rachel Chalmers (External Examiner)

Thanks to Dr. Susan Wyllie for serving as internal examiner and to Prof Rachel Chalmers for serving as external examiner! Thanks also to Rachel for giving a fascinating seminar the day before Ross’ viva about Cryptosporidium in the UK. It was so insightful to hear how COVID has impacted Cryptosporidium cases, and how Rachel’s group meticulously traces Cryptosporidium during outbreaks to pinpoint the source and stop further transmission.

Ross after official submission of his thesis to be examined
Ross tells us all about Cryptosporidium oocysts during his viva presentation
Proud lab! (left to right Ross, Simona, Jack, Grant)

Dr. Bacchetti leaves us to take up a position with the NHS in the clinical scientist training program. His focus is infectious disease and he starts in Glasgow on October 31st.

We will start working on Ross’ manuscript soon, so hope to share the data with the wider community in the coming year. We are very proud of all his hard work throughout his PhD.

Thanks to the collaborators who helped make Ross’ project so successful:

Dr. Leandro Lemgruber-Soares from the Glasgow Imaging Facility

Prof Massimo Vassalli and his student Mariana Azevedo Gonzalez Oliva at the Cellular Mechanobiology Lab at the University of Glasgow

Emma will have her viva in December, 2022 and Jack in January 2023…

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