Congrats to Dr. Bacchetti- Pawlowic Lab 1st PhD!

Thanks to Dr. Susan Wyllie for serving as internal examiner and to Prof Rachel Chalmers for serving as external examiner! Thanks also to Rachel for giving a fascinating seminar the day before Ross’ viva about Cryptosporidium in the UK. It was so insightful to hear how COVID has impacted Cryptosporidium cases, and how Rachel’s groupContinue reading “Congrats to Dr. Bacchetti- Pawlowic Lab 1st PhD!”

Pawlowic Lab Travels

Beatrice was invited to give a talk at the “What’s New in Cryptosporidium?” conference organised by Prof Rachel Chalmers and Prof Angharad Davies. She presented “lab tools to study Cryptosporidium transmission and advance drug discovery”. Jack gave a talk about his PhD project at the “Biology of Host-Parasite Interactions: Insights Into the Complex Relationships Between Eukaryotic ParasitesContinue reading “Pawlowic Lab Travels”

Collaboration with Curtis Thorne Lab

We are excited to share that we were awarded an Innovator Award in the last round of 2021! The project is to develop a 384-well plate based culture models for Cryptosporidium with human intestinal organoids. To do this, we are partnering with Dr. Curtis Thorne’s lab at the University of Arizona. Thanks to the WellcomeContinue reading “Collaboration with Curtis Thorne Lab”