Big Changes

In the spring of 2022, we had several big changes to the membership of our group:

Sophie Rappich, a Wellcome Trust PhD student, joined us for a rotation. She helped us finish some key imaging experiments, as well as set-up some new in vivo transmission assays. Thanks Emma and Ross for working with Sophie during her rotation. Sophie joined Dr. Greg Findlay’s lab and Dr. Kate Storey for her PhD project.

Grant Hall, an MRC PhD student, joined us for a rotation to work on Mode-of-Action work, jointly supervised with Dr. Susan Wyllie. Thanks to Jack and Simona for helping Grant during his rotation. We are thrilled that Grant decided to come back for his PhD project. He will work on target identification of anti-cryptosporidial compounds.

Flora Caldwell finished her Honours laboratory-based project. Thanks to Beatrice for training Flora on all things molecular biology. Flora will continue with us as a research assistant over the summer and in the autumn of 2022 for an Integrated Masters project!

Pawlowic Lab students Spring 20220: Sophie, Grant, Flora, Jack, Ross, and Emma.

Jena: With nearby labs relocating to give us more space to expand, we found ourselves in need of some equipment of our own. Enter Jena, a streamlined gel doc with a small foot print and a tablet computer-touch screen. Thanks for coming into our #lablives.

The tablet touchscreen doubles as a lab selfie mirror.

Some of the biggest changes are the arrival of a lab baby in May- meet Clark Pawlowic!

Jack bravely was the first to hold Clark!
One month old here!

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