IDRIS Meeting in Dundee

March 6th-7th we held a joint meeting of the 4th Infectious Diseases Research Meeting Initiative Scotland in combination with the WCAIR Spring Symposium. David Horn and Mattie co-organised with immense support from Catharine Goddard, WCAIR manager, and the BCDD Admin team (thanks Karen, Diane, Kirstie, Pamela, and Laura!). Special thanks to the Wellcome Trust and WCAIR for sponsoring this event and making it possible to host over 130 participants! (Wellcome ISSF funds from the School of Life Sciences)

Meeting Flier

IDRIS Meeting Programme


The meeting included talks from researchers at the University of Dundee, the University of Glasgow’s Wellcome Centre for Integrative Parasitology, and the Edinburgh Infectious Disease Network at the University of Edinburgh. Thanks to Andy Waters and Keith Matthews for the support.

There were opportunities to tour the DDU and proteomics facilities, 1-minute “flash” poster talks, an evening poster session, dinner, and a public engagement showcase.

Proteomics and Mass Spec
High-throughout screening facility
Touring the chemistry labs

The main meeting was directly followed by a satellite meeting for postdocs and senior graduate students to meet and talk with early career researchers. Juan Quintana and Joana Faria from WCAIR, received a grant from SULSA to invite the ECR speakers to Dundee and organised the entire afternoon workshop. Well done!

We hope you all enjoyed your time in Dundee and we certainly learned a lot about the exciting new infectious disease research happening across Scotland. We hope this event sparked new collaborations, grants, and connections. See you at the next IDRIS!

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