Congrats to Dr. Emma Sands! 2nd Pawlowic Lab PhD

Emma had her viva on Tuesday December 20th. Dr. David Smith served as external examiner, Dr. Henry McSorley as internal examiner, and Prof Inke Nathke as convenor.

Dr. McSorley, Dr. Sands, and Dr. Smith
Emma tells us about females in the Cryptosporidium life cycle, and the lack of characterised markers.

Emma gave a great seminar, sharing her work using CRISPR and microscopy to study female parasite stages and oocyst wall biology. She passed with minor corrections- great job!

We are proud of you!
Continuing the tradition of decorated hats!
Group photo after the celebration (missing some lab members since it was close to Christmas, but they were able to join virtually for Emma’s presentation).
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