Collaborating with artists

One of the great things about Dundee is access to a community of artists. Between DJCAD and the V and A, we are spoiled!

Recently the lab has been working with artists to produce illustrations of our work on Cryptosporidium. It is so fun to describe parasites and answer questions from a whole new perspective.

Mattie has been collaborating with Emily Fong and Janice Aitkens. Emily is our current WCAIR artist in “remote residency“. She’s been having a series of chats over Teams with scientists. It was so fun to talk with her about guts and Crypto. Really looking forward to seeing her next piece of art!

Giggling with Emily about science 🙂

Janice is a Reader at DJCAD, a painter, and is obsessed with cells… welcome to the club! She recently shared her initial paintings on Twitter for #WorldWaterDay. I love Janice’s use of color- our parasites have never looked more vibrant.

We recently chatted about our collaboration as a part of Stobfest (Stobswell’s annual festival), and the recording is available on youtube:

Ross and Emma have also been working with a student, Konstantinos Alexandrou, from the Masters in Medical Arts course to make 3D renderings of our fluorescent parasites. Check out his website and art here: Stay tuned for what these photos mean for our recent research discoveries…

We look forward to sharing some of the final products later this year! In the meantime, thanks to all the artists for your enthusiasm and time. We’re having a blast!

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