1st Pawlowic Lab Retreat

As an end-of-year activity, we had our first lab retreat. With covid restrictions, we decided to spend the day in our lecture hall (distanced with masks) giving presentations to both update everyone on our research progress, and to share a lot of laughs.

Everyone has worked so hard this year amidst all the continued challenges of covid. This has been our most productive year, with everyone making exciting breakthroughs in their projects. And there was a lot of teaching that happened, people showing others how to do different techniques and pitching in when needed.

One of the best parts of the day was a group activity where everyone made a trophy and presented it to another member of the lab. There was so much creativity in the construction of the trophies as well as the stories behind them!

Sorority squat!
“Best/Only PI of the Pawlowic Lab” 😉 to Mattie

Looking forward to making a Lab Retreat a new tradition!

Hopefully next year we can go somewhere farther from the lab 🙂

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