Join us!

We are not currently recruiting new PhD students. 

However, we are interested in taking on summer students, Honours students, Masters Students, research technicians, and postdocs. Get in touch with Dr. Pawlowic to discuss future opportunities.

PhD Positions

Most of the PhD students at the University of Dundee are funded through one of our PhD programmes. Most of these programmes require 3 lab rotations. Admission is decided by an external panel, not Dr. Pawlowic. Please check eligibility and dates closely:

Some PhD programmes do not involve rotations and you can directly apply to join the lab of your choice. Determine if you are eligible and then discuss directly with Dr. Pawlowic your interested in applying for one of these specific studentships:

Summer student opportunities

Honours Projects

Get directly in touch with Dr. Pawlowic (before summer if possible)

Postdoctoral Researchers

We may recruit at least one position for a postdoctoral researcher in 2023. Stay tuned for information about applying for this position.

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