Building collaboration with Ghanaian scientists

The Pawlowic Lab has been hosting a WCAIR Trainee, Mr. Senyo Botchie, since July 2019. While in Dundee, Senyo has been learning the basics of Cryptosporidium culture, detection, and drug discovery. He was recently featured on the university blog:   The collaborative project with Dr. Irene Ayi was also featured in a brochure putContinue reading “Building collaboration with Ghanaian scientists”

Congrats Beatrice and Emma!

Congrats to Beatrice on the success of her project application to the Wellcome Centre for Anti-Infectives Research. Ross provided supporting data, ideas, and writing. Beatrice was awarded £10,000 for her project. She had to win over all of WCAIR with a 5 minute “pitch”, then write a 2 page application, and present to the WCAIRContinue reading “Congrats Beatrice and Emma!”

Welcome to Senyo, Stephen, and Nina

We have added a few lab members this autumn: Senyo Botchie joins us from Dr. Irene Ayi’s group at the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research in Accra, Ghana. Senyo is a WCAIR trainee visiting to learn the basics of Cryptosporidium detection, in vitro culture, microscopy, and drug discovery.   Stephen Andrews is an undergraduateContinue reading “Welcome to Senyo, Stephen, and Nina”