Crypto work is funded!

Really thrilled to announce that our work to explore Cryptosporidium transmission has been funded by The Royal Society and the Wellcome Trust through a Sir Henry Dale Fellowship. To read more about our research, click the links below:   University Press Synopsis of our work on Wellcome’s website   Scottish Press: Dec 22nd article inContinue reading “Crypto work is funded!”

Summer Travels

This summer Mattie participated in MeBoP, the Middle Eastern Biology of Parasitism course in Bern, Switzerland. Organised by Dr. Lilach Sheiner and Dr. Omar Harb, MeBoP is a high-caliber scientific course that covers various aspects of parasitology from molecular biology and epidemiology to genomics, targeted for students in the Middle East as well as North¬†andContinue reading “Summer Travels”

Pawlowic Lab Featured

Check out this interview on Med Chem Net about the challenges of discovery for Cryptosporidium and the journey of developing new tools to study this parasite: CLICK HERE   Mattie also contributed a post for the Defeat DD Blog (Defeat Diarrheal Disease, a part of PATH) about the impact of a new meta-data analysis of¬†CryptosporidiumContinue reading “Pawlowic Lab Featured”