Summer Travels

This summer Mattie participated in MeBoP, the Middle Eastern Biology of Parasitism course in Bern, Switzerland. Organised by Dr. Lilach Sheiner and Dr. Omar Harb, MeBoP is a high-caliber scientific course that covers various aspects of parasitology from molecular biology and epidemiology to genomics, targeted for students in the Middle East as well as North and Sub-Saharan Africa. One of the greatest goals of the course is to provide an environment where young scientists from conflicted political areas are given the opportunity to focus on their mutual professional interests and goals, and to promote networking and the building of professional collaborations across these areas. The students were outstanding and it was a great honour and a lot of fun to participate!


Mattie was also invited by Dr. Julian Rayner to give a seminar at the Wellcome Sanger Institute, which celebrated its 25th anniversary this summer! It was inspiring to be at the home of the human genome project and to discuss ideas for future collaborations. Thanks for having me!

Science Saturday at Mills Observatory

In February the Pawlowic lab participated in our first public engagement activity, “Science Saturdays” at the Mills Observatory! We had parasites up on the big screen and chatted with over 100 visitors about what does it takes to be a parasite and why is Cryptosporidium an important parasite to know about.


Event organised by Ali Floyd (WCAIR Public Engagement Manager), Mills Observatory (, University of Dundee GRE, and Rolf Black and enjoyed by all!

(photos by